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“An Earth Divided: Crucified For Caring” by Share Bond, copyright 2007, ISBN 9781434316462, 244 p., reveals the truth about the imbalance in the world where those that are cruel to animals and exploit the environment get off easy and those that fight to protect the Earth and her inhabitants are crucified.

Examples and praise are given to those that have succeeded and how they accomplished their goals, regardless of the huge obstacles they encountered.

Chapter Three explains why animal advocates and rescuers are persecuted. There is a conflict between those who possess the will and means to exploit the living world to destruction and those who are banding together in a desperate, last ditch attempt to prevent the trashing of our Mother Earth.

Chapter Four makes suggestions on whom would be better in charge of animal and environmental issues, certainly not agencies that sell and condone animal killing.

Chapter Five questions what is wrong with this world's priorities. Why are brave caring people that fight to make positive changes for the Earth’s inhabitants punished, harassed and sometimes even murdered?

Chapter Six discusses control. Animals don’t belong to agencies that claim they “control” them. Why are more laws enforced against animal protectors than animal abusers?

Chapter Seven talks about crimes against nature.

With citizens losing respect for our leaders, it's no wonder that there is a severe imbalance in our judicial system, and so much crime.

It’s ironic that our government and judicial system allow real criminals to get away with heinous crimes (and has little room in jail for them), but has plenty of room in jail for people that are actually trying to follow the existing laws and exercise their Constitutional Rights. It's also extremely sad that our laws rarely protect those that stand up for their rights, speak openly, and refuse to walk blindly in the world.

“The animals of the world and our fragile environment are in our hands and their only hope of survival will be a result of our important work.”
Share Bond


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